last update: 11th February 2022

Let us introduce a brandnew category to the Crypto Louvre: Stamp Collections

Each collection will be dedicated to one artist and contains 9+1 stamps (each collection consists of 100 items, which means that each stamp has 10 editions). The first 9 stamps are designed with selected artworks from this particular artist, which will be dropped on day 1. Between day 2 and day 7 there is the trading peroid.
The last stamp is a collage of all 9 artworks combined. This special stamp can be earned and is going to be distributed to all, who collect all 9 individual stamps until the snapshot on day 7. As it is not possible to gift NFTs completely for free, we can send the NFT via DeFi-Wallet or all collectors send a 1$ offer for their preferred edition.
On day 8 the non-earned collector stamps will be sold as well, but twice the price highest bidding collector paid for the 9 different stamps.

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